SonRise Village Family Shelter

It is a 24 hour emergency shelter for families or expecting women who are facing homelessness for up to 3 months, or longer based on exceptional circumstances. Families can be self- referred or referred by outside agencies. SonRise shelter provides trauma informed support and acknowledges the difficulty and complexity of navigating crises, homelessness and the many other barriers and challenges that exist when arriving to shelter. ​

Spiritual care 

3 meals per day

computers, wifi

 access to laundry facilities

 indoor and outdoor play area

 shared TV/ living area

Our staff are committed to always showing compassion and dedication.

->Case workers are available to meet with families in order to work together to help facilitate the transition into safe, secure housing. They are also available to meet to discuss other needs and referrals, as well as to serve as advocates. 

->Counsellors are available to meet with members of families in order to help discuss issues in a safe, confidential manner.

While staying at SonRise Sherter, families are provided 3 meals per day, access to laundry facilities, computers, wifi, a play area, a shared TV/ living area and a playground. Housekeeping also ensures the cleanliness of the space on a regular basis. 

Spiritual care is also offered from the Chaplaincy department, where Chaplains are trained in multi- faith practices. 

We are part of a larger community that collaborates with health care providers (public health nurses, pediatricians, home visit doctors) and offers in house visits, vaccine clinics, and other health- related services that may be required or requested. ​​

We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and loving space for families, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. 

Contact SonRise Village Family Shelter:

Kristy Rebenchuk