Spiritual Care

“We believe that every  human being is created in the image of God with ​dignity, destiny and design.” 
-Pastor Randy​

​Our spiritual care department is designed to provide grace and guidance to the staff and participants of the Centre of Hope.​

We are sensitive to the mosaic of culture and faith that is found in the hearts and heritage of those whom we serve.​

It is with this value and view that we serve all with whom we interact. ​

Our pastoral team connects with the community at the Centre of Hope by:​

Facilitating memorial celebrations of life​

Fostering conversations and community at the Hope Café ​

Providing chapel services each Sunday​

Engaging in the personal stories of all who need to share their journey ​

Extending grace and igniting hope

As a pastoral team we are committed to the proclamation of the gospel that is Good News to all who need to know the healing and wholeness of God’s love so freely and fully given in His Son.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Spiritual and Religious Care Department is to provide spiritual guidance and support through ministering to the individual’s spiritual and moral needs. We strive to provide each person with spiritual direction and encouragement. In addition, we hope to refer individuals to a church body of their choice to continue with their spiritual journey.

Chapel Services

Sunday Evening 6:30 PM.